Plastic Packaging - Zero Waste Bag


Use this bag to recycle any flexible or rigid plastic packaging. Then ship any combination of bags to TerraCycle using a (separately sold) Zero Waste Shipping Box.


Zero Waste Bag
Processing of waste


Please send us any type of packaging material such as food containers for infants, non-recyclable baking packing/muffin tins, ingredients packaging, bubble wraps, padded envelopes, Styrofoam peanuts, air bags, pallet liners and covers, shrink wrap, cushioning, tissue paper packaging, foam sheets, foam planks, spices packaging, cereal bags, coffee bags made out of burlap, fresh seal bags. Any single serving packs, plastic containers for food or condiments, packaging for dried products, egg cartons, energy bar wrappers, frozen food bags and packaging, pasta packaging, frozen pizza packaging, gum packaging, freezer bags, grocery bags, ice bags, trash bags, meat packaging, drink mix packaging and wrappers.


When you receive your bag fill it with the appropriate waste streams. Once full, place the bag in your separately purchased Zero Waste Shipping box, with any other full Zero Waste Bags. Once your box is full, bring it to any FedEx location to ship your items back to TerraCycle using the pre-paid FedEx shipping label which is already affixed to your box. When we receive your box, we'll safely recycle all of the collected materials.




The collected waste is mechanically and/or manually separated into the various forms of plastic that make it up. The separated plastics then undergo extrusion and pelletization to be molded into new recycled plastic products.


No food content allowed in any of the packaging. The packaging must be emptied of all contents before sending it in. We will also not accept household hazardous waste such as lithium ion batteries, pressurized canisters, pesticides, paint or medical sharps.