Sporting Goods - Zero Waste Pallet

Size: Pallet Bag 35" x 35" x 55"


Please send us any item, clothing, or equipment used in a sport. This includes bats, sticks, rackets (including broken parts such as strings, bumpers, and grippers), discarded biking and skateboarding equipment such as skateboards, bicycles, wheels, brakes, protective seats, bells, baskets, accessories, rims, reflectors, and handle bar cushions and grips, fishing rods, nets, hooks, weights, scales, popped and ripped Frisbees, pucks, any type of ball (ie. basketballs, water-sport, softballs, baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, golf balls), yoga mats, blocks, bags, Velcro straps and eye-cushions. Please also include any sports accessories and safety equipment such as helmets, protective pads, resistance accessories, free weights, straps, cones, mouth-guards, whistles, jump ropes, netting, pennies, and clothing specific to certain recreational activities like swimsuits.


  1. COLLECT | When you receive your pallet, fill it with the appropriate waste streams (listed above).
  2. EMAIL | When your pallet is full, email to request a Ready to Ship Form. Please note: Return shipping is not included in the price and will need to be coordinated once your Ready to Ship Form is approved.
  3. RECYCLE | When we receive your waste, we'll safely recycle all of the collected materials. Please click here to see how your waste is recycled.


  • Zero Waste Bulk Bag to be used for both on-site collection and shipping
  • Pallet runners
  • Processing of the waste
  • Customer service


Do not send in fish, live bait, or large gym machines.

Do not send in household hazardous waste such as lithium ion batteries, pressurized canisters, pesticides, oil-based paint or medical sharps, organics, broken glass, bio-medical waste, soiled diapers, or expired medication.

Do not accept any item that is classified as sharp, flammable, reactive, corrosive, ignitable, radioactive, toxic, infectious, or pathogenic.

WHY? Each Zero Waste solution is custom-built for specific waste streams. Additionally, our Zero Waste System must adhere to standard shipping regulations.